We are anxiously awaiting snow and ice! As I write tonight the wind is howling outside and I am feeling lucky to be in a cozy house with the wood fires burning!

We wanted to share some short videos of Mahoosuc’s dog sledding and canoeing trips as you may be trying to think of gifts for the holiday. These experiences provide memories that will last for a lifetime!

Dog Sledding on Umbagog Lake: click here

Canoeing on the St John River with Kevin, May 2021: click here

Canoeing on Umbagog Lake with Polly, July 2021: click here

To view our dog sledding schedule for 2022 click here, for our canoeing schedule for 2022 click here.

Hope to see some of you on a trip in the coming year!

Polly, Kevin & all the doggies:

Murphy Jr., Jazel, Meghan, Nanook Jr., Kerry, Travis, Teslin, Keefy, Sonya, Hammish Jr., Turlough, Moya, Brandon, Seamus, Olga, Amber, Oonaugh, Angus, Siobhan, Bjorn, Jiminy Cricket, Erin, Rory, Shawnee, Layla!