We are one of the only guide services that make our living as year round, full time, professional wilderness guides.

Why choose Mahoosuc?


SAFETY:  We are certified in Wilderness First Aid and Wilderness First Responders and carry a satellite phone for emergency communication. We are also former ACA certified Instructors and Instructor trainers.


EXPERIENCE:  This year we celebrate 32 years of service - Mahoosuc is one of the most respected, and experienced professional wilderness guide services in New England.


STATE LICENCED:  We are both Master Maine Guides, the highest level recognized by the State of Maine with 32 and 42 years experience.


OPTIONS:  We offer trips for any experience level, and many of our trips require not prior experience and are family friendly for all ages.


WE CARE:  All of our trips are owner guided. One of us (Kevin or Polly) is on each of our trips.

You feed us when we’re hungry
You keep water in our dishes
You let us sleep on anything
Or any place we wishes.
You sometimes let us lick your hands
Or even lick your face
Despite the fact we’ve licked ourselves
In every private place
You taught us how to come when called
You taught us how to sit
You always let us go outside
So we can take a run
We’ve been with you through oh, so much
Through laughter and through tears
We hope you live to be a hundred…
That’s a lot in doggy years!

– Emily – VT

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