Date(s) Price(s)
March 25 – April 2, 2023 $4500 per person


During this trip, we travel by snowshoe to visit some bush camps of our Cree guides, David and Anna Bosum. They join us to share their vast knowledge of hunting, trapping, and fishing. You can help set a fish net under the ice, trap beaver, and set snares for snowshoe hare. And you can try country food such as fresh walleye, moose, beaver, bear, or goose. This is a very rare, rich cultural experience!



  1. All meals and accommodations beginning and ending with arrival to village of Ouje-Bougoumou.
  2. Guides services.
  3. Camping equipment and winter clothing provided by Mahoosuc Guide Service.



  1. Travel to village of Ouje-Bougoumou.
  2. Visits or meals not on scheduled itinerary.

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We can design custom trips for groups to any of the areas where we guide: Maine, Ouje-Bougoumou, Quebec, and Nunavik.

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Safety and Basic Information for Snowshoeing Trips

Our trips are conducted in a very safety conscious way. We spend time prepping the trails before a trip by removing branches and blown down trees.

We go out before a trip to check the ice if we are planning to go on the lake by using an ice chisel to find out the thickness of the ice. We often mark our trails with fir boughs so we can find our old base in case of snow storms.

There is always a snowmobile available in case of an emergency so someone could be evacuated from the bush immediately if need be.

We carry a couple fire starters at all times, a satellite phone and two-way radios for communication among the guides and snowmobile support drivers. We do check in calls once or twice a day to Mahoosuc’s home base so any emergencies from people’s homes can be relayed on to them on the trail.

We always carry a first aid kit with us.

If weather or trails are unsafe for any reason we can always adjust our itinerary to continue to conduct a safe and enjoyable experience for our guests.

Our trips are alcohol free for both guests and guides.

Trip Itinerary

Day 1

Arrive to Mahoosuc Guide Service by 7 p.m. for outfitting meeting.

Day 2

Early departure to Ouje Bougoumou, Quebec. Arrival in Ouje-Bougoumou. Meet David & Anna Bosum. Stay over at Cultural Site.

Have a “country food” supper.

Day 3

Tour of village, meet elders and/or craftspeople (opportunity to purchase crafts). Possible visits to school, nursing station, corporate offices, museum, community center.

Day 4

Start bush trip a.m. travel approximately 3 miles by snowshoe to camp that is already set up. Winter camping skills.

Day 5-7

Set fish nets, snares (snow shoe hare and grouse), traps (for beaver) and check them.

Bush skills with David and Anna including Cree bush medicine.

Helping with whatever they are working on; scraping or smoking a moose hide, fleshing hides, carving snow scoops, making moose mocassins.

Stories of the Cree bush life.

Day 8

Travel back to village by snowshoe. Stay at Cultural Site, have an evening meal at Cappissett Lodge.

Day 9

Say good-byes and travel back home.