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August 2-4, 2024 $560

Women's Canoe & Yoga Weekend Description

Women’s Canoe & Yoga

Most of this trip is in Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge. We paddle down the Magalloway River to Umbagog Lake and the mouth of the Rapid River, camp close to a bald eagle’s nest, and hike on a foot trail along the river. We finish the trip by paddling down the Androscoggin River to our take-out point north of Errol, New Hampshire. 

Christine Trefethen co-leads this trip with Polly and facilitates yoga exercises throughout the weekend. The area we will be canoeing and camping in has extensive wetlands and provides ideal habitat for moose watching and other Northwoods wildlife. Don’t miss this opportunity to spend time with other women in a supportive, fun-filled atmosphere! View the trip itinerary here.


  1. Transport to and from Mahoosuc Guide Service to Umbagog Lake.
  2. Camping fees.
  3. Food and gear for canoe trips.
  4. Two guides.


  1. Transportation to Mahoosuc Guide Service.
  2. Overnight stays in motels or bed and breakfasts.

Yoga Experience

Enhance Your Canoe Adventure with Mindful Yoga Sessions in Nature

Our Women’s Canoe & Yoga Weekend offers a unique opportunity to integrate the practice of yoga into your outdoor adventure. Led by our experienced co-leader and yoga facilitator, Christine Trefethen, the weekend’s yoga sessions are designed to harmonize your mind, body, and spirit in the midst of Maine’s stunning wilderness.

Expert Guidance from Christine Trefethen

Christine Trefethen, a seasoned yoga instructor and experienced backcountry guide, co-leads the Women’s Canoe & Yoga Weekend alongside Polly. Christine brings her expertise and nurturing energy to guide participants through yoga exercises that complement the canoeing experience and cater to all skill levels, ensuring everyone feels welcome and supported in their practice.

Yoga Amidst the Trees and Wildlife

Practicing yoga outside allows you to deepen your connection with nature and heighten your awareness of the present moment. As you move through various poses, breathe in the fresh air and listen to the gentle birds calls around you. This immersive experience enhances the benefits of your yoga practice, leaving you feeling revitalized and grounded.

A Perfect Complement to Canoeing

The yoga sessions during our Women’s Canoe & Yoga Weekend are thoughtfully scheduled to complement the canoeing activities. Morning sessions focus on energizing and awakening the body, preparing you for a day of paddling. In the evening, gentle restorative poses help you unwind and release tension from the day’s adventure, promoting relaxation and a sense of well-being.

Inclusive and Supportive Environment

Our Women’s Canoe & Yoga Weekend fosters a welcoming atmosphere that encourages participants to explore and deepen their yoga practice at their own pace. Whether new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner, Christine will help you adapt the poses to your individual needs and experience level, ensuring everyone enjoys a fulfilling and empowering yoga experience.

Supportive and Fun Atmosphere

Celebrate Sisterhood and Adventure in the Great Outdoors

At Mahoosuc Guide Service, we believe that the Women’s Canoe & Yoga Weekend is more than just an outdoor adventure—it’s an opportunity for women to come together, share experiences, and support one another in a welcoming and uplifting environment. Our focus on creating a fun and supportive atmosphere ensures every participant feels included, inspired, and empowered throughout the weekend.

A Nurturing Space for Women

The Women’s Canoe & Yoga Weekend is designed to create a space where women can connect with one another and build lasting friendships. Through shared laughter, challenges, and accomplishments, you’ll create strong bonds with your fellow adventurers while exploring the beauty of Maine’s wilderness. This nurturing space fosters personal growth, self-discovery, and a deep sense of belonging.

Encouragement and Empowerment

Our expert guides, Polly and Christine, are dedicated to creating an atmosphere of encouragement and empowerment on this trip. They provide guidance, support, and motivation throughout the trip, helping you overcome challenges and celebrate your achievements. This empowering environment allows you to embrace your strengths, build confidence, and discover new passions in the great outdoors.

Laughter and Shared Experiences

There’s nothing quite like the joy of shared laughter and experiences to create a fun and memorable adventure. Whether it’s marveling at the sight of a moose in the wild or finding stillness in a yoga pose, these moments of connection and joy create lasting memories that will enrich your life long after the weekend has ended.

For trip itinerary, click here

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Mahoosuc Guide Service can design custom Maine canoe trips for families, youth groups, clubs, or organizations from one to 10 days in length. We can also design trips to retrace any part of Henry David Thoreau’s route, including Webster Brook and East Branch of the Penobscot River. Contact us today to discuss your group’s interests, abilities, goals, and available dates.

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Safety and Basic Information for Canoe Trips

All our Maine canoe trips are fully outfitted and guided by Mahoosuc Guide Service’s owners Polly or Kevin. We provide all the food, camping, paddling, and cooking equipment, as well as a detailed clothing list to help you in packing for your trip. Most of our trips meet in Orono, Maine (just north of Bangor). We provide transportation to and from the river. Many of our canoe trips require no special physical conditioning. If you have any concerns about the physical requirements of a trip, please contact us.

On the Trip:

We are experienced teachers and will help you master the art of canoeing by teaching paddle strokes and poling techniques. You will learn how to set up a warm dry camp, and if you want, how to cook and bake over an open fire. All our food is natural or organic, and we source much of our food locally. Natural history, wildlife viewing, and fishing will be covered as your interests warrant.


You are in safe hands with Mahoosuc Guide Service. With more than 40 years guiding experience from Maine and Quebec to the Yukon Territory and Alaska, we have an excellent safety record. We are certified in Wilderness First Aid and Wilderness First Responders. We carry a satellite phone for emergency communication!


Trip Itinerary

Day 1

Meet at 8:30 a.m.

Meet group members, pack into dry bags.

Look at map of  canoe route.

Drive to put in on Androscoggin River.

Paddle across Umbagog Lake to base camp at Cedar Stump on the Rapid River.

Day 2

We will see what the weather is doing and what people want to do, but there are many options such as:

  • Doing a day canoe trip.
  • Hike along the foot path beside the Rapid River.
  • Do yoga exercises.
  • Stay in camp and relax and swim.
Day 3

Break camp.

Paddle across Umbagog Lake to Androscoggin River.

Lunch close to take out.

Yoga when time and desire allows throughout the day.

Take out on Androscoggin River.

Drive back to Mahoosuc Guide Service.

End trip around 4 p.m.