Some of our dogs’ lineage are from the last Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) dog team in Old Crow. They are big, long-legged, very intelligent, and extremely devoted.

Yukon huskies are not as high-strung as racing breeds, and because of their size and strength, fewer dogs are needed for each team (normally five). All of these qualities make it easier and more enjoyable for beginners to learn how to work with a dog team.

We have been raising, breeding, and training our dogs for more 42 years. One of the unique features of our dog yard is that we have bred, raised, and trained all of the dogs ourselves.

We believe in providing an excellent quality of life for our hard-working huskies. We take one or two on our guided canoe trips, and we have five one-acre pens where they run loose and play during the summer months.

Our commitment to our dogs does not stop when they retire from pulling. We have a very active elder retirement community in our house. We take excellent care of our dogs from birth to death. They are part of our family.

Featured Dog: Teslin

Teslin is one of Polly’s dogs. He is eleven years old now. Teslin is a very obedient dog and led Polly’s third team. He always wants to please, is very intelligent, and gets along with all people and other dogs. Teslin weighs about 90 pounds. You couldn’t ask for a nicer personality in a dog plus he was a hard worker!