Date(s) Price(s)
Weekends & Xmas holiday week $575 per person
Weekdays $500 per person

Dog Sledding Day Trips

Day trips on Umbagog Lake or gentle trails in the Mahoosuc Mountains are available Tues. – Thurs. mid Dec. through mid March, depending on snow conditions. A hearty warm homemade lunch cooked over a campfire is included on day trips, as well as the use of our insulated winter parkas, warm boots and other cold-weather gear. We ask folks to arrive at 8:45 AM, and we’ll make sure that you are dressed warm enough for the day’s weather. Try not to be late, as the dogs will already be loaded in their dog boxes and will be “raring” to go! We finish up between 3-4 PM depending on trail conditions and normally cover 9-10 miles on our day trips. To view the complete day trip itinerary, click here.

We have some day trips available on weekends. Participants can be passengers or mush the team next to a guide depending on people’s abilities, desires, and trail conditions.

There is a weight limit of 180 lbs per person as we have limited dog power.

A $200 deposit per person is required to hold space and full payment one month before the trip.

Book early, because these trips fill fast.



  1. Lunch midday
  2. Use of insulated parkas and warm winter boots if need be
  3. Two guides



  1. Transportation to trailhead (7-14 miles depending on the trailhead)
  2. Overnight stays in motels or bed and breakfasts before or after the trip

For trip itinerary, click here

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Custom trips

We can design custom trips for groups to any of the areas where we guide: Maine, Ouje-Bougoumou, Quebec, and Nunavik.

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Safety and Basic Information for Dog Sledding Trips

Our trips are conducted in a very safety conscious way. We spend a lot of time prepping the trails before a trip by removing branches and blown down trees, packing the trails by snowmobile once we get snow. This is for the guest’s comfort and also to make it easier for the dogs to pull the sleds.

We go out before a trip to check the ice if we are planning to go on the lake by using an ice chisel to find out the thickness of the ice. We often mark our trails with fir boughs so we can find our old base in case of snow storms.

All of our trips are snowmobile supported so we can lighten the loads the dogs are pulling, provide a better trail and also have a snow vehicle in the case of an emergency.

We carry spare warm clothing, the ability to start fires in all conditions, and a satellite phone and two-way radios for communication among the dog sledding guides, cross country ski guides and snowmobile support drivers. We do check in calls once or twice a day to Mahoosuc’s home base so any emergencies from people’s homes can be relayed on to them on the trail.

We always carry a first aid kit for both humans and canines. Guides maintain current Wilderness First Aid or Wilderness First Responder and CPR certification.

If weather or trails are unsafe for any reason we can always adjust our itinerary to continue to conduct a safe and enjoyable experience for our guests and our canine friends.

Our trips are alcohol free for both guests and guides.


Trip Itinerary

8:45 a.m.

Guests arrive – please try not to be late as the dogs are usually loaded and waiting in their dog boxes on the truck.

Check clothing, lend out boots, insulated winter parkas, etc if need be.

Look at a map of where we are going.

Drive to the starting point, which is about a 15 – 20 minute drive.

Lesson about dog sledding, get the sleds ready, each sled has a sleeping bag and cushion.

Hook up the dogs, mush for about an hour or 1 1/2 hours to a lunch spot.

Make a campfire and serve a hot lunch on the trail.

This consist of thermoses of warm beverages (tea, hot chocolate), homemade soup, bagels, snacks and homemade cookies.

The dogs rest.

After lunch we hook up the dogs and mush back to the trailhead about the same distance that we came.

Load them into the trucks, drive back to Mahoosuc Guide Service.

3:30 - 4 p.m.

Arrive back at Mahoosuc Guide Service.

It is usually 2 people per sled. How we divide people up depends on the trail conditions, size of the people, number of dogs in the team, people’s desires and abilities. It is important to have strength to hold on to stand on the back and balance to stand on one runner. If you fall off and let go the dogs will keep on running until they catch another team. This is to be avoided!

We never decide who goes with which sled until we meet our guests and see what the trail conditions are like for the day.

We take personal checks or paypal, no credit cards.