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All-Mush Description (3 Day)

After a Mushing 101 lesson on Saturday morning, we travel by dog sled across Umbagog Lake to one of our overnight camps. Camp consists of several wall tents with balsam fir bough floors, and each tent has a wood stove for warming and drying damp winter gear. While we’re there, you can snowshoe and/or cross-country ski from camp. If there’s interest, one of the guides can take you on a little winter tracking excursion looking for wildlife signs. The dog teams are picketed right in the middle of camp – so of course you are free to go visit them at any time, since they all think they are pets! On the return trip (conditions permitting), we take a different route across the lake. To view a trip itinerary, click here.



  1. All food and gear (including sleeping bags, pads, dry bags)
  2. Two guides



  1. Transportation to trailhead.
  2. Overnight stay at Mahoosuc Mountain Lodge or a local motel or B & B

For trip itinerary, click here

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Safety and Basic Information for Dog Sledding Trips

Our trips are conducted in a very safety conscious way. We spend a lot of time prepping the trails before a trip by removing branches and blown down trees, packing the trails by snowmobile once we get snow. This is for the guest’s comfort and also to make it easier for the dogs to pull the sleds.

We go out before a trip to check the ice if we are planning to go on the lake by using an ice chisel to find out the thickness of the ice. We often mark our trails with fir boughs so we can find our old base in case of snow storms.

All of our trips are snowmobile supported so we can lighten the loads the dogs are pulling, provide a better trail and also have a snow vehicle in the case of an emergency.

We carry spare warm clothing, the ability to start fires in all conditions, and a satellite phone and two-way radios for communication among the dog sledding guides, cross country ski guides and snowmobile support drivers. We do check in calls once or twice a day to Mahoosuc’s home base so any emergencies from people’s homes can be relayed on to them on the trail.

We always carry a first aid kit for both humans and canines. Guides maintain current Wilderness First Aid or Wilderness First Responder and CPR certification.

If weather or trails are unsafe for any reason we can always adjust our itinerary to continue to conduct a safe and enjoyable experience for our guests and our canine friends.

Our trips are alcohol free for both guests and guides.


Trip Itinerary

Day 1

Meet at Mahoosuc Guide Service for 7 p.m. organizational/outfitting meeting.

Introductions, brief history of dog sledding.

Dressing for winter and staying warm.

Outfitting with winter gear.

Optional movie – Season of the Sled Dog – an introduction to mushing and the bush lifestyle.

Day 2

Early breakfast.

Meet the sled dogs.

Load and transport to lake (12 miles).

Mushing 101 lesson.

Mush 6-8 miles into camp across Lake Umbagog.

Orientation to camp – getting water, personal hygiene, stove use, etc.

Day 3

Early breakfast.

Leave camp as found it, resupply firewood into tents, fresh fir boughs (if needed).

Pack up and load sleds.

Mush a different route (conditions permitting) across Umbagog Lake to trailhead.

Shoreline lunch on Umbagog Lake.

Arrive back at Mahoosuc Guide Service between 3-4 p.m.