We have been guiding these rivers since 1974 and know them intimately. All our trips are owner guided by Polly and Kevin; there are minimum of two guides on each trip and usually an apprentice. The extra staffing means more help for our guests and the ability to address individual interests such as birding or edible/medicinal plants. We also take more time than most outfitters to paddle any given stretch of river for a more relaxed pace. Most of our trips are beginner friendly and the price is all-inclusive of food, equipment, transport, road and camping fees.

Explore Maine’s Wilderness on Our Guided Canoe Trips

Mahoosuc Guide Service offers a variety of guided river trips, which include canoe camping in Maine, across some of the wildest country in the East. We specialize in offering river trips that give extensive wildlife viewing and birding opportunities. These rivers are the highways that the Wabanaki people traveled by canoe through their ancestral homeland of what we now call Maine.

Allagash Wilderness Waterway

The Allagash Wilderness Waterway is a 92-mile stretch of northern Maine’s lakes, rivers, and ponds. Renowned for its remote and undeveloped shoreline, the Allagash offers a classic wilderness canoe trip in Maine. Enjoy the quiet and solitude of the Allagash country and you will have ample time to try fishing and wildlife observation as the Allagash region has the highest density of moose in the state.

St. John River

The St. John River (known as Wolastoq to the Wabanaki, which means “beautiful river” in their language) is the wildest undammed river in the eastern United States. Paddlers on this remote river will experience the longest free-flowing and undeveloped waterway east of the Mississippi. Canoe campsites on the river are rustic but comfortable with outhouses and picnic tables. For many avid wilderness paddlers, the St. John River is a must on their bucket list.

Green River Utah

Experience an unparalleled journey as you paddle through the striking landscapes of the Southwest, exploring the mesmerizing flatwater river and the unearthly-looking canyon country. At times, you will feel like you’re on another planet. This canyon country was the home of the Anasazi (meaning “ancient ones”) and evidence of their culture is abundant in the form of pictographs, petroglyphs, granaries, and pottery shards. Ideal in October, our Green River Utah trip offers warm days, cool nights, and fewer tourists, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in this remote wilderness’s tranquility.

Way of the Wabanaki

We begin with a half-day paddle down the Penobscot River to the Sugar Island cultural site. We spend two days learning about medicinal plants, Penobscot place names, history, and culture. Watch drumming and singing demonstrations, weave your own basket, learn about birch bark canoe building, and paddle in a traditional canoe during your Canoeing in Maine Wabanaki adventure.

West Branch of the Penobscot

Explore the rich wildlife, logging history, and Native American history of the Wabanaki-Thoreau Canoe Trail, an excellent wilderness trip for beginners. This route follows Thoreau’s journey with his Penobscot guide, Joe Polis, and includes visiting the historic Chesuncook village. Spot moose, bald eagles, black bears, and river otters on this excellent introduction to canoe camping in Maine.

East Branch of the Penobscot

Running through the newly created Katahdin Woods and Water National Monument, our canoe camping trip in Maine includes numerous Class I and II rapids and four carries within the first 7 miles. The East Branch is best suited for people with some river Canada Canoeing experience and you should be in good physical condition due to the numerous carries. No other wilderness river in Maine has the impressive views of Katahdin and the surrounding mountain ranges of Baxter State Park like the East Branch.

Lodge-Based Wildlife Watching at Loon Lodge in Maine

This unique adventure combines the comfort of a traditional Maine sporting lodge with exciting day trips into remote, wild areas, creating the perfect balance between relaxation and exploration. Join us as we venture into seldom-visited regions, seeking out the area’s rich wildlife and natural beauty while enjoying warm hospitality and cozy accommodations at Loon Lodge.

Women’s Canoe & Yoga

Our Women’s Canoe & Yoga Weekend offers a truly unique and unforgettable experience that combines canoe camping in Maine with the tranquility of yoga, all set against the backdrop of Maine’s Umbagog Lake and Rapid River country. This special adventure will leave you feeling inspired, rejuvenated, and connected with nature.

Women’s Native Plant Study Canoe Trip

Learn about the fascinating world of northwoods native plants and the Wabanaki’s medicinal uses of these plants. Polly guides this trip with Jennifer Neptune, a member of the Penobscot Nation, who has hundreds of generations of knowledge about the traditional uses of native plants in the northwoods. After your trip, celebrate the vibrant atmosphere of the Grand Lake Stream Festival, showcasing traditional crafts and live music.

Intro to Whitewater

Venture into the exciting world of whitewater Canoeing in Maine with our Intro to Whitewater Canoeing course. This weekend course is tailored for those new to the sport or without formal training in whitewater techniques. Under the guidance of Kevin, a former American Canoe Association white water instructor trainer, this course will cover canoe design, handling properties, whitewater strokes, equipment, safety, self-rescue, group management, throw bag use, river hazards, and scouting.

Canoeing with the Cree in Canada

Join David and Anna Bosum, a Cree couple, on a memorable canoe trip through their ancestral homeland, which, in their language, is called Eeyou Itschee. They were raised living a traditional lifestyle in the bush, which included subsistence hunting, fishing, and trapping. During this adventure, you’ll hear lots of stories past down through hundreds of generations about their ancestral homeland. You’ll have the opportunity to learn how to set fish nets in the narrows of lakes and how the Cree traditionally clean, cut, and smoke fish. You’ll also learn from David and Anna how the indigenous people, who invented the canoe, paddle.

Custom Canoe Trips

Design your perfect Maine canoe trip with Mahoosuc Guide Service. We offer custom canoe trips tailored to your specific needs for families, youth groups, clubs, or organizations of any length from one to 10 days. Our experienced guides know the Allagash River, East and West Branches of the Penobscot River, St. John, St. Croix, and more routes like the back of their hand, ensuring a memorable Canoeing in Maine experience.

Book Your Canoe Trip to Create Memories That Will Last a Lifetime

With Mahoosuc Guide Service’s expert guidance, you’ll be able to fully appreciate and explore the best that Maine’s wilderness has to offer on your canoe trip. Our carefully planned itineraries and commitment to a relaxed pace will give you ample time to swim, fish, and observe these remarkable rivers’ rich natural history and wildlife.

Embark on a paddling adventure with us and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Fully Outfitted Guided Canoe Trips in Maine‘s Wilderness

At Mahoosuc Guide Service, we strive to provide a relaxing, enjoyable, and unforgettable canoe experience by taking care of all the details for you. From expert guidance to premium equipment, our guided canoe trips in Maine are designed to ensure you can focus on enjoying the beauty of Maine’s rivers and wildlife.

Duration and Skill Level

We primarily guide remote and wild rivers in the northern half of Maine, so trips typically range from 5 to 7 days in duration. Most trips are appropriate for beginners, and if experience is suggested or recommended, it will be noted in the description for that river trip (for example, the East Branch of the Penobscot).

Fully Outfitted Trips

Mahoosuc Guide Service provides all necessary equipment for your canoe trip, including camping, paddling, and cooking gear. Additionally, we supply a detailed clothing list to assist you in packing appropriately for your adventure.

Locally Sourced, Organic Meals

We believe in supporting local communities and providing you with delicious, healthy meals during your canoe trip. Much of our food is sourced locally and organically, ensuring that you enjoy fresh, quality meals while contributing to the local economy and reducing environmental impact.

Leisurely Paced Adventures

Our guided canoe trips in Maine are designed to allow for ample time to engage in activities such as swimming, fishing, natural history exploration, and relaxing. We intentionally take more time to paddle each river stretch than most guide services, ensuring a more immersive and enjoyable wilderness experience.

Transportation and Fees

Mahoosuc Guide Service covers all transportation to and from the river and any camping and road use fees associated with your canoe trip. This comprehensive service lets you focus on the adventure ahead without worrying about logistics.

Accessible to Most Fitness Levels

Many of our canoe trips require no special physical conditioning, making them accessible to many participants. We welcome adventurers of various ages and fitness levels to explore Maine’s pristine wilderness.

Book Your Guided Canoe Trip Today

Join Mahoosuc Guide Service on a guided canoe trip and experience the best of Maine’s rivers and wilderness. Our commitment to quality, personalized service, and attention to detail ensures that your adventure will be memorable and enjoyable. After all, we have been yearlong wilderness guides for 33 years.