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February 21-25, 2024 $900

Winter Guides Course

Whether you are guiding snowmobile, dogsled, ski or snowshoe/toboggan trips, there are a lot of skills required that are specific to the winter environment. This course is designed to cover the skills required to safely guide in the winter.

The following topics will be covered in depth:
  • Hypothermia – recognition, prevention, treatment
  • Frostbite – recognition, prevention, treatment
  • Ice Reading – characteristics, formation, safe route selection
  • White-out navigation – map & compass, GPS, traditional Inuit techniques
  • Minimal Equipment – for any type of winter travel – human powered or snowmobiles
  • Snow machine Travel – off trail, freighting loads with quamotiks & toboggans, dealing with slush, the “well outfitted” snow machine, tow ropes vs. tow bars
  • Winter bivouac – Spending a night out with the clothes on your back, snow & bough shelters
  • Client Concerns – Looking after your sports in the winter
  • Winter Camping Techniques – Setting up a safe, dry, warm traditional winter camp, fire building with and without matches
  • Dog & Human Powered Travel – Depending on snow/ice conditions we will also cover the basics of snowshoe and dog team use.

For more information, contact Polly or Kevin at (207) 824-2073 or

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