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August 17-24, 2024 $6,520

Arctic Wildlife and Inuit Cultural Basecamp Trip

The region north of 55 degrees north latitude in what we now call Quebec is known as Nunavik, “the great land” to the Nunavimmuit (Inuit). We will fly from Montreal to Kuujjuaq, the regional capital of Nunavik and spend a day there before taking a short float plane flight to Amoraq (Wolf) lake.

The area around Wolf Lake offers sightings of musk ox, arctic fox, and possibly wolf and black bear. Raptor and bird sightings include gyrfalcon, peregrine falcon, rough-legged hawk, ptarmigan, snowy owl and a variety of Arctic waterfowl. August is an excellent time to explore the tundra, as there are fewer bugs and the region’s fall colors begin to show! As the days become shorter, the longer night sky should provide spectacular displays of the northern lights!

Our guide for this trip will be Allen Gordon, an Inuk from Kuujjuaq, with whom we have also guided dog-sledding trips for many years. The cabins we will stay in in Kuujjuaq were his caribou hunting camp for many years, and he knows the area well.

We’ll have 6 days at base camp, and will take day trips from there to look for Arctic Wildlife and visit several Inuit archeological sites.


  • A Naturalist Guide to the Arctic by E. C. Pielou
  • Inuit Quajimagatuqangit: What Inuit Have Always Known to be True by Karetak, Tester, and Tagalik
  • The Inuit Way: A Guide to Inuit Culture by Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada


Echo of the Last Howl

Price Includes:

  • 1 night hotel stay in Montreal
  • Transport to Montreal from Newry
  • Round Trip Airline ticket from Montreal to Kuujjuaq
  • 1 Mahoosuc Guide Service guide, Inuit guides
  • 1 night stay in Kuujjuaq

Price does not include:

  • Travel meals in Montreal and Kuujjuaq
  • Extra meals or lodging in Montreal or Kuujjuaq if flights are delayed due to weather or other issues

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Safety and Basic Information for Cultural Trips

All MGS guides maintain current Wilderness First Aid/Wilderness First Responder and CPR certification.

We carry a satellite phone that works in all northern latitudes where we operate our cultural trips.

Having Indigenous guides with us is a huge safety factor. No one knows the area, weather, ice conditions, water levels, etc. better than them.


Trip Itinerary

Day 1


  • Meet at Mahoosuc Lodge at 1pm.
  • Guide and guest introductions and gear check.
  • Travel by van to Montreal.
Day 2


  • Early morning flight to Kuujjuaq, village tour.
  • Otter float plane flight to Wolf Lake, get settled in to cabins
Days 3-6


  • Day-trips from base camp cabins to look for wildlife (musk ox, arctic fox, black bear, and possibly wolf). Good opportunities for day-hiking on eskers to visit Inuit archeological sites, including ancient stone arctic fox traps. Common bird sightings include gyrfalcon, golden eagle, rough-legged hawk, and ptarmigan. Other activities may include canoeing and fishing for arctic char on Wolf Lake if interested.
Day 7


  • After lunch, fly Otter float plane back to Kuujjuaq, shop for crafts and souvenirs. Stay in Kuujjuaq that night.
Day 8


  • Fly back to Montreal.
  • Van transport back to Mahoosuc Guide Service.