Dogsledding Trips

Weekend Dogsledding and Nordic Skiing Trips in the North Woods of Maine

Our two- and three-day weekend trips are in the Umbagog Lake and Mahoosuc Mountain areas. Activities for all weekend trips include mushing, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing. The only difference is that on the second day of the three-day weekend, we take a day trip from our base camp by dog team and cross-country skis. Two people per sled work with the dog teams on all weekend trips, except the all mush three-day weekend trips.

Our weekend trips begin at 7 p.m. the first day, when we outfit you with winter equipment, answer questions, and review the itinerary. The following morning, we head out with the huskies for two or three days on the trail. We return around 4 p.m. on the last day.  You will need to make reservations to stay with us in our lodge, farmhouse bed and breakfast, or a local hotel or bed and breakfast the first night for an additional fee.

All you need to bring is warm clothing and a sense of adventure. We provide food and all specialized winter equipment, such as skis, poles, boots, parkas, gaiters, sleeping bags, and ensolite pad.

Winter travel can be physically challenging. The better shape you are in, the more you will enjoy your trip. If you are relatively inactive, start exercising at least one month before your trip. You should be able to ski or snowshoe four miles with a light pack. While we’re on the trail, we camp in the traditional style of the canvas wall tents heated with wood stoves with balsam fir bough floors.


Mahoosuc Intro (2 days)

$850 per person

New Years Trip Dec. 31-Jan. 2 – Full
Begin the New Year Jan. 7-9 – Full
President’s Day Mush Feb. 18-20 – Full
March Full Moon Mush Mar. 18-20 – Full

Umbagog Lake (3 days)

$995 per person

New Years Eve Dec. 30-Jan. 2 – Full
Martin Luther King Jan. 14-17 – Full
February Valentine’s Day Mush Feb. 11-14 – Full
President’s Day Feb. 18-21 – Full
Mid March Mush Mar. 10-13

 Women’s Weekend Trips

Umbagog Lake
January 27-30
$995 per person

Calling any women adventurers! Join us on an exciting action-packed weekend of cross-country skiing and dogsledding on Umbagog Lake. This follows the same format as our weekend dog sledding trips but provides the special opportunity to share this experience with other women.

All-Mush Two-Day Overnight Weekend

$1350 per person

January 7-9 – Full

January 21-23 – Full

March 18-20 – Full

On our two-day all-mush trips, you travel to and from our winter camps by dog team. These trips have two mushers per sled with a team ranging from five to six dogs.

After a Mushing 101 lesson on Saturday morning, we travel by dog sled across Umbagog Lake to one of our overnight camps. While we’re there, you can snowshoe and/or cross-country ski from camp. On the return trip (conditions permitting), we take a different route across the lake.

Day Trips
(mid-week and some weekends)

$350 per person weekdays
$375 per person weekends & Xmas holiday week

Day trips on Umbagog Lake or gentle trails in the Mahoosuc Mountains are available Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and some weekends from mid-December through mid-March. We provide a hearty, homemade lunch cooked over a campfire, as well as insulated winter parkas and warm boots. Book early, because these trips fill fast.

For more information about day trips click here.  To check availability, call us at (207) 824-2074 or email

Northern Classic Dogsledding Trips

Our Northern Classic trips are a minimum of three days. We travel further each day as we are all traveling by dog team. We bring cross country skis and/or snowshoes to explore the country around the camps. This is a good time to observe animal sign and tracks.

All Mush Three-Day Weekends

$1700 per person

 January 6-9 – Full               February 10-13 – Full

February  24-27 – Full               March 10-13 – Full

Our three-day all-mush weekend follow a linear route, allowing us to stop at a different camp every night. The trip starts with a Mushing 101 lesson. From there, we cross the lake or an easy trail through the woods to the first night’s camp. The second day is a mix of lake and trails covering approximately 15 miles. On the last day, we travel back to our vehicles across the lake and trails. The route varies depending on the trail conditions. We allow time to snowshoe and cross-country ski from our camps.

Dogsledding the Rapid River Country (tent camping)

March 1-5 – full
$2825 per person

This trip is a nice mix of lake and trail mushing. We will stay at three different campsites: two on lakes and one on the Magalloway River. We mush past the cabin where Louise Dickinson Rich wrote We Took to the Woods.

The Rapid River country is rich in wildlife. We often see whitetail deer, moose, coyotes, and river otters. Part of the trail runs along a section of the river with Class III & IV rapids, which never freeze. We camp in canvas tents heated with wood stoves.

Winter Cultural Experiences with the Cree and Inuit

Snowshoeing with the Cree
Ouje-Bougoumou, Quebec
March 26 – April 3
$4125 per person

Northern lights. Frozen bogs. Wolves howling. Welcome to Chitichiinnu, the land of the Cree. During this trip, we travel by snowshoe to visit some bush camps of our Cree guides, David and Anna Bosum. They join us to share their vast knowledge of hunting, trapping, and fishing. You can help set a fish net under the ice, trap beaver, and set snares for snowshoe hare. And you can try country food such as fresh walleye, moose, beaver, bear, or goose. This is a very rare, rich cultural experience!


Dogsledding with the Inuit of Nunavik: Kuujjuaq to Tasiujaq

April 7-16
$6185 per person
(includes airfare from Montreal)

Nunavik is the arctic region of Quebec, where the northern lights are a common sight. On this trip, we travel with Allen Gordon, an Inuk musher from Kuujjuaq. The trail between the two villages is about 100 miles throughout habitat ranging from boreal tree line to tundra. Along the way, we’ll try ice fishing for arctic char.

Wildlife includes caribou, wolf, arctic fox, and a living relic from the ice age—the musk ox. Most of the food is local fare, such as caribou, ptarmigan, and char.

The warmth, humility, and self-reliance of the Inuit will stay with you long after this arctic adventure.

Custom Trips

We can design custom trips for groups to any of the areas where we guide: Maine, Ouje-Bougoumou, Quebec, James and Hudson Bays, and Nunavik. Call us at (207) 824-2073 or email if you would like to discuss the possibilities.

For more information, contact Kevin or Polly at (207) 824-2073 or

Children ages 13 and younger receive a 25% discount on all trips.

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