Mrytle was one of 6 puppies in a litter born in the spring of 2010 at Mahoosuc Guide Service’s farm in Newry.

Mrytle was a big girl weighing in at 95 pounds. She was a gentle giant who didn’t have an aggressive bone in her. She loved people and children and was a very steady personality. She was one of the only dogs Polly could take to the Common Ground Fair for days in a row and was never bothered by all the people and noise.

Mrytle did not have a strong work ethic and was not keen to pull a dog sled so in the latter part of her life she became a loving pet to a couple in down east Maine who took great care of her until she passed. She was joined by another Mahoosuc sled dog, Bradey, and they were great companions.

We feel so fortunate to have known Mrytle and miss her. She has two brothers here at Mahoosuc, Teslin and Travis, who have recently retired.

Thank you Valerie and Michael for taking such good care of her.

Rest well sweet Mrytle…    Love,  Polly & Kevin