If you are planning an Allagash River Canoe Trip and you would like to fish during your trip down the river, the prime time would be mid-May through the month of June for a normal year. It should be noted that the arrival of spring (late or early) and the water levels in the river can affect this general time frame.

Hopefully, this blog post will increase your success rate while fishing your way down the Allagash River. But remember, that’s why we call it fishing and not catching!

What is Fly Fishing?

Fly fishing is a specialized angling technique that involves using a lightweight fishing line, typically coated with artificial flies, to catch fish. Unlike traditional fishing methods that rely on the weight of the lure or bait, fly fishing employs the weight and momentum of the line itself to deliver the fly to the target area.

It is a highly visual and interactive form of fishing that often involves observing the water for signs of fish activity, such as rising trout or feeding patterns, and adapting the fly selection and presentation accordingly.

What kind of fish are in the Allagash River?

The Allagash River contains primarily two fish species: a healthy population of native brook trout and a warm-water native species called chub or fall fish.

Brook Trout

Brook Trout, also known as Salvelinus fontinalis, are highly sought after by fly fishing enthusiasts on the Allagash River. Often found in cold-water streams, these beautiful fish are native to the region and are known for their vibrant colors and feisty nature.

To entice their feeding instincts you can:

  • Use natural fly patterns that mimic their favorite aquatic insects and prey.
  • Experiment with different retrieves, such as slow retrieves, erratic twitches, or dead drifts.

Chub or Fall Fish

Chub or Fall Fish, scientifically known as Semotilus atromaculatus, are another species you will encounter while fly fishing on the Allagash River. They have an aggressive or predatory feeding behavior, so presenting your fly with a little more action and movement can attract their attention.

Fishing Regulations

Fishing regulations differ on different stretches of the main river so you should consult the Maine IF&W website, where you can also purchase fishing licenses online. If possible, bring two reels: one spooled with a floating line and the other with a sinking tip line.

Timing Your Allagash River Canoe Trip

Prime fishing months on the Allagash River include late May to the end of June and the last week of September.

Spring Fishing: Late May to the end of June

In late May to near the end of June, cooler water temperatures combined with a good flow of water produce prime fishing results.

Suggested fishing flies for mid to the end of May include:

  • Black Ghost #6
  • Woods Special #6
  • Golden Retriever #6
  • Maple Syrup #6

For the month of June, you might want to add:

  • Elk Hair Caddis #12 or #14
  • Hares Ear #14
  • Pheasant Tail #12
  • White Grey Hendrickson
  • Blue-Winged Olive
  • Black Orange Stimulator
  • Copper John Nymph
  • Hares Ear Nymph
  • Caddis Nymph

Fall Fishing: Last week of September

As the water cools in the fall, the fishing will pick up again. With warmer and milder fall temperatures, we would suggest the last week of September just before the fishing season closes at the end of the month.

A few recommended flies for the Fall include:

  • Orange Body Hornberg #10 (preferably copper tinsel wrap on the abdomen)
  • Elk Hair Caddis #12 and #14

In general, bright or light-colored fly patterns combined with a more active presentation of the fly seem to work well in the fall.

Prime Fishing Spots

From mid-May through mid-June, fishing any of the small sets of rapids and the pools below them should have good results. As the water warms throughout June, fishing the downstream inlets of spring-fed cold water side streams becomes more important.

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Whether you are a seasoned angler or a beginner, the Allagash River offers a fulfilling fishing experience. And the best part? You can enjoy fishing amid the breathtaking beauty of nature.

Hopefully, the tips described in this blog article will help you catch a few squaretails on your Allagash River Canoe Trip. At Mahoosuc Guide Service, we are available to design a Custom Allagash Fly Fishing Trip.

Guests on our scheduled Allagash River Canoe Trip are more than welcome to fish; however, we recommend an Allagash trip where everyone is focused on fly fishing.