Over the years my wife and I have been on wonderful guided trips on the Allagash and West Branch of the Penobscot with Polly. I also went on several other Allagash trips with her.  All of these trips were unique and enjoyable. We found her easy to be with and eager to share her wilderness knowledge of the North Country gained through experience of thirty years. Both Kevin and Polly are the organizers, guides, teachers, chefs, story tellers, and friend to all on the trip. But, there was no doubt they are in charge of details that made a wilderness trip seem effortless – shuttle service, organized lists with necessary equipment to bring, menus and meals, safety measures, daily schedules, side trips, and in a pinch, a back-up plan if some unseen event required a change in plans. Our view of this level of professional guiding is that it provides an atmosphere where everyone can feel safe and therefore free to totally enjoy the wilderness experience. Beyond all of the above, I think a real plus for me is the opportunity to use the skills I already have – this makes a trip with Kevin or Polly special for all involved.

Sam – Maine 3/2020