I have gone on a number of guided trips and have never felt the desire or need to write a personal note after I got home. The experience with you this past weekend was so remarkable I would have felt remiss not to thank you. Both Molly and I keep recalling little moments that make us laugh at ourselves or recollect with wonder what we experienced. Molly talks about the opportunity to have met you and observe your wilderness life which is so different from ours-that was exactly the type of learning opportunity I wanted her to have.

I was so impressed with your professionalism. As a career woman I marveled at your willingness to share your craft with total strangers when it’s obvious your standards for yourself are close to perfect. In retrospect it’s amazing that you let bumblers like us (whoever well intentioned) near your wonderful dogs. In short, I will never forget the weekend and am confident Molly won’t either.

Billie – MD