Billy Bob and student“Hosting a real authentic dog sledding trip is not easily done… although many try, but no one can duplicate the experience that Polly and Kevin have been providing for almost forty years. Guests are pampered with thoughtful considerations,  useful instructions, wonderful stories, tasty food and a witnessing of the incredible care levels of their dogs. Believe me, it’s a should be on your bucket list. So exhilarating!”  Larry – Maine 3/2019




Over the years my wife and I have been on wonderful guided trips on the Allagash and West Branch of the Penobscot with Polly. I also went on several other Allagash trips with her.  All of these trips were unique and enjoyable. We found her easy to be with and eager to share her wilderness knowledge of the North Country gained through experience of thirty years. Both Kevin and Polly are the organizers, guides, teachers, chefs, story tellers, and friend to all on the trip. But, there was no doubt they are in charge of details that made a wilderness trip seem effortless – shuttle service, organized lists with necessary equipment to bring, menus and meals, safety measures, daily schedules, side trips, and in a pinch, a back-up plan if some unseen event required a change in plans. Our view of this level of professional guiding is that it provides an atmosphere where everyone can feel safe and therefore free to totally enjoy the wilderness experience. Beyond all of the above, I think a real plus for me is the opportunity to use the skills I already have – this makes a trip with Kevin or Polly special for all involved.  Sam – Maine 3/2020


v0jjJrdn_uVmhxEIq9YJp7fjH9G0qyKLvAzWPJyNFh4PTQHkDvFuIN6vj1HHu2R6LO9Wew=s190“I really wanted to express my appreciation for the way that you guide – of learning about Inuit and Cree and Northern people’s lifestyles, of canvas wall tents, of goodies cooked by a local lady and her daughter. You go beyond the “how to” and into the why and in a quiet way support that with your actions.” Nina C. – Maine



A dog sled trip had been on my bucket list and we were thrilled to join Polly and Kevin on one of the colder nights in February! We came away being so impressed with their chosen way of  living the outdoor life and handling their beloved dogs with such thoughtfulness and kindness. An outdoor enthusiast brother of mine said you will have a grand trip with Polly and Kevin, they are the real deal. For anyone wishing for a winter wilderness experience, you cannot go wrong with Mahoosuc Guide Service. Ann – Maine 2/2020

Thank you, Polly and Kevin, for sharing the magic of your world with us! Two extraordinary days of mushing through serene winterscapes, snowshoeing to frozen waterfalls, and befriending your happy Yukon Huskies all gave us memories for a lifetime. We also appreciated your flexibility to provide an alternate (but equally exciting) itinerary when weather prevented the original plan. We cannot wait to return! – Catherine & Dean – Chapel Hill, NC 1/2019


“I never thought I would become so attached to a team of dogs in such a short period of time. As I walked away from the pen and headed towards the barn I felt lonely. I rarely ever feel lonely – I felt as if I was being left alone and some part of me was afraid of being left alone for the first time in my life. As I entered the barn the valley filled with their singing. I turned and stood in the doorway smiling with a few tears falling from my eyes.” Jhan G. – Wisconsin


“It was a terrific trip. The unexpected parts and how you chose to deal with them showed us your versatility. That certainly comes from your combined 60 years of experience guiding in the wilderness. Your clients will enjoy being your guests.” Gordon G. – Massachusetts






Since I was a teenager it was always on my bucket list to paddle the Allagash. In 2018 I retired from a burdensome career and signed up to paddle the river with Mahoosuc guide service (mgs). It was better than wonderful. All I had to do was show up. They provided all the gear and it was good stuff. The river was beautiful, the sights, smells, scenery, distant mountain views were gorgeous. Polly and associate guides were wonderful and fun to be with. They were attentive, careful, observant and caring and brought campfire cooking to an epicurean level. In March 2019 I went on a dog sled winter camping trip with Kevin and Polly and several other guides. It also was great. Safety was paramount. The dogs were eager, energetic, focused and affectionate. The camp was something out of a Jack London novel. Each tent had a small wood stove and was roasty toasty warm. Food was great and plentiful. Kevin and Polly are so much fun to be with. They always made sure I was warm, well fed and happy;
Then in May 2019 I went on a two night canoe trip with my wife and another couple and they are not campers. We had a great time. The four of us, two lady guides (Polly and Jean) and we saw loons and moose and beaver and sunsets.
And then in August I went with MGS to paddle 170 miles on the Yukon river in Alaska. I am getting older, if I don’t do this stuff now, when will I?? It was better than wonderful. I reminisce about all these trips every day. Time is short, life is short, I need to pack it in. Once this pandemic is over, Polly and Kevin will not be able to get rid of me. Polly and Kevin are the models of Maine Master Guides against whom all others should be compared.
Richard Greene, MD – Massachusetts – 5/2020

Kevin & Polly,  We had such an amazing experience on our 3 day Umbagog Lake trip. You both were wonderful and a pleasure to watch you work. We will remember and cherish that weekend for the rest of our lives. Hope to get back again to visit and have another adventure! Thank you!  Shawn & Janelle Nicklas Feb. 2021 

Dear Kevin, There are many things to thank you for about the Allagash trip. Most important: for your vast knowledge of the Allagash and your skill at leading an expedition such as ours; for your unflappable manner, humor and collaborative decision making spirit that helped us all have confidence; for your caring attitude towards the “regular” people of Maine. It was a wonderful trip because of you and your inspiring teamwork!  Scott & Gayle Barton – Allagash River Sept 2021

Polly,  I just wanted to write you a note to thank you again for a wonderful and memorable experience on the Allagash. It was so much fun! I was impressed with your knowledge of the river, technical skills and ability to manage everything, including transportation, canoes, campsites, food and helping all of us have a good time. I was sorry that we didn’t give you the floor more of the time because your stories were so cool and I could tell you were just scratching the surface. Your guiding was great and there’s nothing I can think of for how you could have done it any better. Jake Plante –  Allagash River – May 2021

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