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Story about us in the New York Times from January 2022!

Polly chosen as one of the Maine Biz “Women to Watch” for 2021

Canoeing Day Trips in Maine and New Hampshire with Mahoosuc Guide Service:

Natural Resources Council of Maine collaborates with Mahoosuc Guide Service for a 10% member discount on MGS trips:

Active Travel blog post for canoeing day trips:

Mahoosuc Guide Service Now Offering Day Trips in Maine

Nice mention of us for a Christmas gift idea:

Kevin is interviewed for this article:

Nice mention in our local paper:

Lead dog, Teslin, is part of client’s wedding vows on Umbagog Lake dogsledding with Mahoosuc.

Good article about mushers and dogs in Portland Press Herald.

Nice mention in DownEast Magazine – Holiday Issue – Dec. 2018.

We are featured in Maine Magazine.

Nice mention about us in Bethel Living Magazine.

We are one of the editor’s pick for outdoor explorers for Yankee Magazine’s travel guide to New England 2018. They are recommending our Allagash canoe trips.

See the article in Wilderness Society about: “Polly’s Story”:

Nice mention in Yankee Magazine about Polly and her dogs!

We are one of the featured businesses in “Maine The Way”, a slow journalism publication about Maine businesses. They did a superb job with photos and content capturing who we are here at Mahoosuc. We also made the front cover with a fantastic shot taken with a drone!

Thank you Edgar Allen Beem, great writer and client:

Thanks for this endorsement:

Great mention in Backpacker Magazine this month!

Thanks writer, Steve Jermanok, for the mention:

We have a nice mention in the Boston Globe talking about Traveling Green in New England:

We have the honor of getting Yankee Magazine’s Best of New England Editor’s Choice Award for Best Paddling Outfitter for 2017:

Best of Maine | 2017 Editors’ Choice Awards

Nice mention about us in the Boston Globe:

Writer Carey Kish goes on the West Branch of the Penobscot River with Polly in late July 2016 and writes an article for Maine Today about his “bucket list” canoe trip:

Mahoosuc Guide Service guided a “Facing Waves – Paddling Maine” film crew down the Allagash in June 2016. It was aired on Outside Television and sponsored by Maine Woods Discovery. Here are a couple short films about the trip: and

FW S4E12 - Maine Poster

Mahoosuc Guide Service was just featured in a film called “On the Allagash” which won first prize at the Waterwalker Film Festival in Canada receiving the award for best environmental film. Click here to view.


In October we will be hosting a couple wilderness first aid courses in our lodge. April 24-25th is a Wilderness First Aid course and April 24-26th is a Wilderness First Responder refresher course. Please contact us for more details.


We have been having some nice dogsledding trips with a variety of school groups including Flint Hill School from Washington DC and Harvard University from Cambridge, MA. What a great experience for these young folks!


Polly recently gave a talk about her travels dogsledding in Maine, Yukon Territory, northern Quebec and Nunavut to Harvard University students and alumni at Harvard University. It was well received!

newpforumposters_mahoney (3)jpeg

Harvard Travelers Club: Polly spoke on November 10th at the Harvard Travelers Club in Cambridge, MA about her travels with the Cree in northern Quebec. Click here to see the schedule of speakers.

Cree guides, Anna & David Bosum

Harvard Magazine: The Dog Days of Wintersession:
Mahoosuc Guide Service hosted a group of undergraduates from Harvard University earlier this winter.  Click here to see what Harvard Magazine had to say about it.

Harvard Travelers Club 089

Yankee Magazine: Thoreau Journey Through Maine
In the March 2015 issue of Yankee, a journey in photographs. Click Here

Mahoosuc_Cree 009

Maine Quarterly: The Thoreau-Wabanaki Trail
To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the publication of “The Maine Woods” by Henry David Thoreau, an intrepid group of modern-day explorers—including academics, members of the Penobscot Tribe of Maine and leading outdoor experts—retraced one of Thoreau’s three epic journeys into the wilds of Maine. Read More

Maine Magazine Article: Snow Dogs
Snow Dogs – maine.
By: Sandy Long
Photography: Peter Frank Edwards

Yelps! Barks! Toboggans are cutting across the white horizon of a frozen and snow-buried Umbagog Lake. It’s Winter, the long sleds are loaded, and the huskies are ready to pull.

It snowed again last night.

In the valley the wind whips and the dogs howl—dozens of huskies crying in chorus. The sound is other- worldly, echoing to the sky. In this part of western Maine, no one is bothered. We’re far out into the freedom of space and winter and wildness. We slept here last night in a post-and-beam lodge, kept warm by a woodstove in the central kitchen, and when I looked up at the sky after midnight it was lit with stars, but black as slate. Cold.

– Read More –

CBS Sunday Morning with Mahoosuc Guide Service and Maine Woods Discovery
Retracing Thoreau’s journey through the wilds of Maine. View the program segment click here

Bill Green Travels the Historic Thoreau-Wabanaki Canoe Tour


(NEWS CENTER) — June 21, 2014 — Bill Spent three days on the east branch with the Maine Woods Discovery group, nine of whom paddled for 16 days on the actual route taken by Henry David Thoreau and his Penobscot guide Joseph Polis. It was a beautiful adventure in a magnificent part of Maine on a route that hasn’t changed much ever according to Matt Polstein of New England outdoors.

Kevin takes Bill Green on an adventure (interview)


(NEWS CENTER) — July 1, 2014 by Bill Green — My photographer and I drove to Mattagamon, paddled ten miles or so and portage three times to get to Steep Pitch. Of course, we couldn’t do it ourselves, we needed a great guide and the guy who is leading this expedition is a guide among guides by the name of Kevin Slater of the Mahoosuc Guide Service. Guiding is truly a lifestyle job and what a life they live.

Mahoosuc Guide Service is teaming up with Maine Woods Discovery for a 3-week canoe trip that retraces the route Henry David Thoreau canoed with his Penobscot guide, Joe Polis.  2014 marks the 150th anniversary of the publishing of H.D. Thoreau’s book, The Maine Woods.  Click here if you would like to see the itinerary for this trip, which starts May 16th on Indian Island.  If you are interested in retracing a part of this historic route, see our Wabanaki-Thoreau Trail canoe trip on the West Branch Penobscot River.

From Maine Today – by Doug Brun, 3/4/2014
Master Maine Guides Kevin Slater and Polly Mahoney of the Mahoosuc Mountain Lodge in Newry, Maine, introduce us to their lodge and their mushing dogs. We meet Kevin and Polly, their dogs, as we ride along to experience the wild and beautiful experience of dog-sledding in the great state of Maine.
Click to view video on Maine Today


Subscribers can read the article here

 After 25 years, dogsledding and guiding still a passion
From the Bethel Citizen, Sep 26, 2013
By Alison Aloisio
They raise their sled dogs from puppies and keep them throughout the dogs’ entire lives.T hey take their clients on weeklong trips to northern Canada.They make their own dogsleds and canoes.
Read The Article at The Bethel Citizen

The Impulsive Traveler: A dog-sledding ad­ven­ture in Maine – The Washington Post
The couple is hugely devoted to their dogs, which are descended from the last team used by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to patrol remote parts of the Yukon. The long-legged, broad-chested canines are nothing like the small, fast-moving dogs used in races such as the Iditarod, where 10 or more might pull a single sled. At Mahoosuc, Kevin and Pauline breed dogs solely for their own purposes, and a dog that is born on the property stays there until it dies.– Read More

CNN article top 5 places to mush in North America
Mush! Five places to go dog sledding -CNN
Snow flies in your face as furry friends pull you across the isolated tundra. You feel the air freeze your breath, but the cold won’t stop you. You’re facing Mother Nature head on — with the help of a trusty guide, of course.– Read more

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