We had to say good-bye to sweet Teslin, who had a large cancerous growth on his liver. He was such a good dog, devoted, well behaved, loved everyone. He led Polly’s third team for most of his mushing career as he was so good and could be trusted that far behind Polly. Teslin was 12 years old. He was as close to a perfect dog as they come. We miss him…

In happier news, some highlights from this month include:

  • Women’s Allagash River canoe trip – perfect weather and fun group of ladies! We had a rare sighting of a bobcat trying to eat a merganser for lunch! He/she was not successful.
  • Way of the Wabanaki canoe/cultural trip – lots of learning and experiencing new things! Everyone made their own little basket.
  • Kevin finished Jarrod’s 17′ 1/2″  Maine guide canoe enough for him to take it home to Rhode Island for the finishing touches. It is a work of art! Well done guys!
  • Polly & Kevin were part of the Home for the Huskies project in 1994 of the last dogs from Antarctica being removed and gifted back to the Inuit’s cultural program in the village of Inukjuaq. This was a 500 mile mush up the coast of Hudson Bay. They spoke at the Royal Canadian Geographic Society in Ottawa on September 1st about their experiences. This event recognized the final resting place for the famous Nansen sled of this expedition which will be on display at the Royal Canadian Geographic Society in Ottawa.
  • Here is a very short video from a West Branch of the Penobscot canoe trip in August from a nice family from Germany who have been trying to come canoeing with us for 3 years (delayed because of Covid) and finally made it! We were lucky enough to sail as a canoeing raft on Chesuncook Lake one day with some singing by Grant!We are looking for a winter apprentice or two to help guide dog sledding trips this winter. Here is a video made for us from a previous apprentice who spent a couple winters guiding with us before she started her own dog obedience training business in Colorado.Upcoming trips/workshops:Allagash Fall Foliage canoe trip – September 27 – October 2

    First Light Learning Journey West Branch of the Penobscot canoe trip – October 6-10

    Wilderness First Aid Course taught by Jon Tierney – October 21-22
    Open Recertification Course taught by Jon Tierney – October 21-23

    Hope you are enjoying this beautiful fall!

    Polly, Kevin & all the doggies