Everything is slowing down during this pandemic which is a welcome change from the fast paced life many of us have created for ourselves. 

In April we were happy to welcome the Kroka winter semester course students to arrive here at Mahoosuc from the Uapishka mountains of northern Quebec where they had been on an extended cross country ski expedition. They came back to a changed world and found refuge here at Mahoosuc for 18 days. Kevin helped the 12 students make their own wooden ash paddles for the next leg of their expedition. The dogs really enjoyed the extra attention! We really appreciated help cutting, splitting and stacking 10 cords of tree length firewood for our farm among other Mahoosuc spring projects!

We are hoping to be able to guide our canoe trips this summer and fall depending on how the pandemic goes. Click here for our canoeing schedule.

For a “virtual tour” of one of our Way of the Wabanki canoe trips click here. These four day trips are offered twice a year, August and September. We feel there is much to be learned from our Penobscot friends.
Wigwam at Sugar Island

Every day we are grateful for our lives and the time we get to spend in the outdoors. Nature has a way of bringing us in to balance “at any time” but seems especially important right now. We hope you are all getting to have some time outside too!

Stay healthy and safe,
Polly, Kevin & all the doggies