Luckily we finished most of our dogsledding trips before this pandemic hit. We only lost one week of business here in Maine. We had to reschedule our trip with the Inuit in Nunavik in northern Quebec until April 2021. Luckily most everyone on the trip were able to accommodate this change.

This summer will be our “30th” year guiding canoe trips. We hope that everything will settle down so we can all get out and enjoy nature and time on the water together. Click here to view our summer calendar.

One of the nice things about having our dogs are they are always happy and ready to give love and be loved and our daily lives involve caring for these beautiful animals who are not affected by this virus. They are so refreshing to be around and for those of you lucky enough to have animals know what we are talking about.

Joe has been apprenticing here all winter and has been a big help to us. He has learned so much about dogsledding and a tradition style of winter camping and some good bush skills. Thank you Joe!

We are welcoming the Kroka winter semester course students here for 2 weeks in April. They will be coming from the Uapishka mountains of Quebec and have been out of touch with society and all the news for months so will be in for a shock when they come to us. Kevin will help them make paddles for their continued journey in large canoes on the coast of Maine.

Sadly we had to say good bye to Vixen in February. She was such a nice dog and led Polly’s second team for many years. Vixen went on so many canoe trips and loved driving around in vehicles and being with people. She was 9 years old. We miss Vixen…

We wish you all good health during this time and send our love from the Bear River Valley.

Polly, Kevin & all the doggies