We are happy to be able to offer canoeing and fly fishing day trips in the month of May to Maine residents as our state slowly reopens during the pandemic. This is a great opportunity for Mainers to get out and get to know some of your own state and to enjoy the coming of spring. Click here for State of Maine’s guidelines for Stage 1 of reopening for guided outdoor trips.

Moose are around, loons are back, ducks and birds are arriving daily and so far NO BUGS! The fresh new green of buds on the trees is a feast to the eyes.

Here are a couple “canoeing in Maine” day trips we can offer to our Maine resident clientele for the month of May, click here to see Mahoosuc’s guidelines due to Covid-19, and contact us to arrange a trip for yourself or your family:

Wildlife watching in Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge. Come look for wildlife, bird life and paddle on the Androscoggin River, Magalloway River and Umbagog Lake passing by Harper’s Meadow, a large floating bog which is a National Natural Landmark. There is much wildlife and bird life to be observed in this area.

Fly fishing on the Rapid River for Native brook trout and landlocked salmon. Kevin will transport you across the north end of Umbagog Lake in his freighter canoe to the mouth of the Rapid River where the fishing is great! Scenery is also spectacular as you pass through Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge.

Here is a great video made about one of our canoe trips on Umbagog Lake which gives you a good idea of the beautiful place that it is!

We are keeping close watch on our state’s guidelines for slowly reopening and hope to be able to offer more than day trips as the summer goes on. Please click here for our summer canoe schedule.

Hope you are staying well!
Polly, Kevin & all the doggies