We can now offer all of our canoe trips to Maine residents and to out of staters who have self quarantined in Maine for 14 days. As our state slowly reopens we hope these guidelines will loosen even more. Please click here to see our summer canoe schedule. This is a video from a trip we guided a few years ago retracing the route that Henry David Thoreau took with his Penobscot guide, Joe Polis from Indian Island, and then he wrote the book “The Maine Woods”.

Some day trips we are offering include:

Fishing trips with Kevin: Kevin is available to guide spin or fly fishing trips on area rivers or lakes. Popular places include the Magalloway and Rapid Rivers, Aziscohos and Richardson Lakes. Wade or fish from his hand built Grand Laker or a combination of both. Cost is $250 per person, $400 for 2 people, includes lunch midday.

Cultural canoeing day trips with Polly & Penobscots: Come to learn about the Penobscot’s culture, spend time learning about wild edibles, trees, plants and some of their medicinal uses with Jennifer Neptune. These day trips can be in the Umbagog Lake area or Penobscot River. Cost is $150 per person, includes lunch midday.

Wildlife viewing canoeing day trips: These day trips are in the Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge and surrounding area. Some wildlife that may be seen are: moose, white tailed deer, beaver, black bear (very rare), otter, bald eagles, a variety of birds and ducks. Cost is $150 per person, includes lunch midday.

We had a sad day on May 13th as we said good-bye to Kevin’s 94 year old Mother, Edna. Kevin was fortunate to be with his Mom, at her bedside in PA, to help her transition from this life..

Our dogs are enjoying the cooler temperatures today after the steamy hot weather of the last few days! They are running around the pastures, digging holes, having a good time! Here is a short video of a few having a good time. They are always a joy to be with and surely teach us to “live in the moment”!

Hope you are well and that we can get some of you out on the water this summer!

Polly, Kevin & all the doggies