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Spring is arriving here in Bear River Valley!

We have had a very busy winter here at Mahoosuc with back to back dog sledding trips since late December.

Winter 2022 News from Mahoosuc Guide Service

We have had a very busy winter at Mahoosuc guiding back to back dog sledding trips.

Dog Sledding into the New Year!!!

Winter was slow in coming but when it came, it came in full strength!

Happy Solstice to You!

We are excited to have snow and are able to use our dog sleds finally! It was a slow start to winter but it feels like it is here now!

The dogs are ready to GO!

Our dogs are in harness getting in shape for winter and the trail time to come.

Fall is here and winter is on it’s way!

We want to share some photos of our sled dogs on trips this spring, summer and fall. It is always such a joy to have them on our canoe trips and to get "one on one" time with them away from the pack.

Mrytle lived a good life…

Mrytle was one of Polly's dogs and named after her great aunt Olga Mrytle from New Brunswick who lived to 102 years old.

The Fall colors are here!!!

The dogs are getting frisky running around the pastures with renewed energy as the temperatures drop and they anticipate going into harness and being on the trail this winter!

There are a few more canoe trips this September with room on them!

We have had the busiest summer since we started our guide service in 1990. The pandemic seems to have helped us, as people are really enjoying nature and being in the outdoors with family and friends!

Canoe trips are going well, lots of laughs, good food and wildlife sightings!

Hope you are all having a great summer and getting some time in the outdoors!